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The Naciria zaouia of Tamegroute, exploration of its genesis

The ancient Zaouia Naciria in Tamgroute

The zaouia of Tamegroute, known today as Zaouïa Naciria, is situated in the Drâa Valley at the gateway to the Sahara. Founded in the 16th century, it aligns itself with the Sufi brotherhood Tariqa Chadhiliyya, established in the Maghreb as early as the 14th century. This brotherhood wielded enduring spiritual, socio-economic, and political influence not […]

The lost destiny of Jews from South East Morocco

Group of elderly Jews in a North African country

A long time ago, humanity from the east of Africa arrived to enrich its alter ego on the other side of the continent. In the third millennium BC, intrepid Phoenicians reached the Atlantic coast, and thus came into contact with indigenous populations, namely the ancestors of modern-day Berbers. Three centuries later, the founding of Carthage, […]